Employer of Record (EOR)

If you’re a business looking for employment outsourcing or payroll outsourcing in a foreign country, we are here to help. We have a thorough understanding of HR compliance in over 150 countries, and will therefore present an easy process for you and your HR team. Our team of specialised consultants across the globe are ready to demonstrate our best-of-class service levels and show you how you can take the best advantage of employment outsourcing (EOR).

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Why Business Use EOR?

Businesses who don’t have, or don’t intend to set up a legal entity in a foreign country. Reasons for this may include;

  • ✓ They only need a representative office

  • ✓They are on a time crunch

  • ✓They want to test the market before establishing a legal entity for themselves

  • ✓ They do not wish to deal with complex HR compliance laws in foreign countries

  • ✓They do not wish to take on expenses of setting up a legal entity

  • ✓Those who have a legal entity but don’t have headcount funding

  • ✓Those who do not wish to use a direct employment contract


What are the main challenges of hiring overseas without an EOR solution?

  • ✓ It’s time consuming

  • ✓ There’s a fair amount of work require for legal entity setup, daily HR activities, etc

  • ✓ It’s expensive

  • ✓ Hidden pitfalls exist that can be costly, problematic and bandwidth consuming

  • ✓ You will need to source local professionals for your legal, HR and tax needs

  • ✓ Your HR team will need to fully understand and keep abreast of local manpower compliance laws

Advantages Of Using EOR

  • ✓ Hire employees without setting up a legal entity in a foreign country.

  • ✓ Compliance : HR laws in foreign countries are complex, which is why companies often find it easier and safer to let an EOR provider take over and attend to these matters.

  • ✓ Save time and money : due to complex HR laws, hiring and managing staff overseas is time-consuming and therefore expensive. Galaxy Payroll as an EOR provider provides quicker, better, and cheaper solutions vs doing it yourself in-house.

  • ✓ Focus on your core business : using an EOR solution eliminates the tediousness of hiring and managing employees, allowing companies to focus on what really matters.